Before Creeeds Videography, my passion for creativity began as a hobby. Through my love for cars, I found myself taking photos and video at a local Drift Event, which resulted in me working closely with Drifting Tasmania with short web videos for promotional purposes.

I specialise in capturing and collecting creative content for Short Online Videos, Social Media platforms, Client Specific Commercial work as well as Photography and Graphic Design projects.

I am a qualified Graphic Designer by trade, and have spent several years working also as a Video Editor / Videographer for a local Design / Print and Production company.

I’ve been working under Creeeds Videography for years now. I’ve travelled to Japan twice for personal video projects and have been investing in gear and investing my time ever since I began Creeeds Videography. I am ready for any project you have in mind…

Jesse Creedon

Jesse Creedon

Graphic Designer, Videographer, Photographer

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